Show and Tell

Show & Tell is a comedy night that I founded and run, at the Wardrobe theatre in my home town of Bristol and coming soon to Vaults Fest in London. As a younger woman and aspiring comedian, I found open mic nights to be daunting – they can often be ‘laddy’ and exclusionary. In response to this issue, and to get more people on the stage, I founded Show & Tell as friendly platform that encourages new performers.

Show & Tell has a different theme each time, and you can experience the best of Bristol’s/London’s new talent through a series of short 5 minute performances. You can even participate in the Q & A after each performer’s slot. Show & Tell performers bring an artefact with them to pass around, or sometimes they perform alongside a Powerpoint in a Beyonce-ish way that makes Dave Gorman look like Michelle Williams.

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