About me


Hi my name is Sophie Bishop. Here is a quick bio:

During my MA at the University of Sussex in Gender and Media (in 2013) I paid my bills by working as a Marketing Executive at a Digital Marketing agency in Brighton. In addition to social media monitoring and management, my role involved scouting blogs for global fashion and beauty brands. I became really interested in the young women who produced these blogs, and the new relationships that my marketing agency, and many other stakeholders, were forming with them. I was also fascinated by the techniques used by the bloggers to forge intimacy with their followers and distinguish themselves from other women’s media as ‘authentic’.

Fast forward, and I am currently undertaking a PhD at the University of East London, School of Arts Technology and Innovation (expected to graduate 2018 – this year). I am putting my work experience to good use, although now I am looking at gender and vlogging in the UK, adding YouTube into the mix.

My work has three primary themes:

– Beauty vloggers’ visibility strategies, in other words self optimisation labours and perceptions of the YouTube algorithm.
– Self presentation strategies and the performance of ‘authenticity’.
– The political economy of the wider vlogging ‘industry’, including talent agents, private/ publicly funded vlogging events and the YouTube Space.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch! I am in the final stages of my thesis and, whilst currently foreign to me, human interaction is very welcome.